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Your Brain on Facts

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Jun 26, 2018

Ecce Homo was a fresco of Jesus Christ that had degraded significantly over time.  No one asked the little old lady next door to help.  She had no training, but how hard could it really be?  Pretty damn hard, as it turns out.  In place of the Renaissance-style face was now a smeary circle, wreathed in what looks like a marabou balaclava, with a nose like a folk-art sock doll, the crooked, misplaced eyes of a failed anime sketch, and a mouth like a lipstick smear left by a bass.  

In the height of irony, many priceless works of art and antiquities have been destroyed by the people who were trying to preserve them.  Modern art can be especially susceptible to accidental destruction by well-meaning parties.  Some things were destroyed by unthinking or unfeeling people.  Some relics were destroyed for the sake of money, even entire pyramids.  Some things were destroyed by people who think they’re more important than, ya know, the history of the planet and its people.  

But seeing is believing!  You can find galleries of some of the examples here and here.  All of the links used in our research are on the website.

Thanks to our super-fan Michael K for his review, support and today's topic.

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