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Your Brain on Facts

Things you never knew and a few things you thought you did know.  Imagine a Venn diagram where the podcasts Lore and Good Job, Brain! overlap with the YouTube channel Today I Found Out and the countdown episodes on CineFix - that's Your Brain On Facts!

Jun 5, 2018

We assign a great deal of significant to last words. We expect them to be deep and profound, the sort of thing you immortalize on a $3,000 headstone. We hope we’ll say something really clever when it’s our turn, and not “what’s this button do?” or “hold my beer.”  But you may end up with last words like American author Henry David Thoreau, who simply said “moose...Indian.”

From the profound to the prophetic, from the ironic to the ignominious, from founding fathers to TV stars, we look into the final utterances of the famous and infamous alike. 

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