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Your Brain on Facts

Things you never knew and a few things you thought you did know.  Imagine a Venn diagram where the podcasts Lore and Good Job, Brain! overlap with the YouTube channel Today I Found Out and the countdown episodes on CineFix - that's Your Brain On Facts!

Mar 31, 2020

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While we're sheltering in place from the pandemic, we look at how people dealt with the intense shortages of the Great Depression and WWII.

02:05 Aunt Sammy

04:00 Eleanor Roosevelt

07:00 Sample menu

Emmymadeinjapan's Hard Times series

09:08 Foods still with us

12:26 Flour sack dresses


16:00 Promo - Jason & Mindy

16:48 US rationing

18:55 UK rationing

24:00 "Dig for Victory" and the British Restaurant

26:55 "Beauty is Your Duty"

29:00 Clothing rations

Music by Kevin MacLeod and the US Marine Band

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