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Your Brain on Facts

Things you never knew and a few things you thought you did know.  Imagine a Venn diagram where the podcasts Lore and Good Job, Brain! overlap with the YouTube channel Today I Found Out and the countdown episodes on CineFix - that's Your Brain On Facts!

Oct 27, 2020

Have you had a chance to review the YBOF book?  I'm hoping we can average one a week.

♪♫This is Halloween!  This is Halloween!♫♪  Supporters on our Patreon and fans in our FB group chose the topics for today's episode: 

01:35 sorting Dracula fact from fiction

07:49 how horror stars got their stars

20:01 when did...

Oct 20, 2020

Why do we give them, who gets one, and, more importantly, who doesn't?

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Have you had a chance to review the YBOF book?  Someone posted a bad review :( and I'd love to get the average back up.

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Oct 13, 2020

"Why didn't the slaves revolt?" They did. A lot.  We just weren't taught about it.  Here's a humble start at fixing that.

04:56 Stono Rebellion

11:35 New York plot

15:56 Black Seminole

22:45 Nat Turner - Garbled Twistory

27:40 German Coast Uprising

32:50 Occupation of Alcatraz

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Did you get a...

Oct 6, 2020

We just can't have nice forests.  Hear the stupid causes of some of modern history's most destructive wildfires and find out why putting out fires is actually making things worse.

Did you get a chance to leave a review for the YBOF book?  Someone just posted a bad review :( and I'd love to get the...