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Your Brain on Facts

Things you never knew and a few things you thought you did know.  Imagine a Venn diagram where the podcasts Lore and Good Job, Brain! overlap with the YouTube channel Today I Found Out and the countdown episodes on CineFix - that's Your Brain On Facts!

Aug 21, 2018

There is a literal world of funeral practices to choose from, from an Irish wake to Tibetan sky burial, from New Orleans Jazz funerals to Balinese ngaben cremation, from being buried in a car-shaped coffin in Ghana to burying the head of family with a funnel in their mouth in Nigeria, so you can give them palm...

Aug 14, 2018

Tests are all around us.   You probably took one the minute you were born.  We look at tests named for the people who created them - Bechdel, Myers-Briggs, Apgar, and more.


01:25 Bechdel-Wallace 


09:00 DuVernay


13:40 Myer-Briggs


18:10 Apgar


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Aug 7, 2018

Without getting into current politics, we can’t ignore the plight of children seized from parents of a particular group.  And it’s not the first time either.  A century ago, the American government took tens of thousands of children from Native families and placed them in boarding schools with strict assimilation...

Jul 31, 2018

Death doesn’t mean everything stop for you.  There are lots of ways we can live on after shuffling off the mortal coil.  From body parts taken from famous bodies, to cells that won't stop growing, to a taxidermied person on display in a museum, we look at bodies and body parts that don't let death slow them...

Jul 24, 2018

I’m pretty good at this wife business, but I can’t say that I would take over my husband’s public office after his death, re-edit his film to launch a genre-defining franchise, or kill an enemy general after he was over-run.  However, there are a lot of women in history who would, and did, all those things and...